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  • Evergreen Fashion Trend: Gleam of the Glitters

    ‘Shine with a bright’, is not only what glitters mean, but the impact is also same on the one who is wearing it. Sequence, Glittering colors, luster and many other forms of glitters we have in wardrobe, but never tried to experiment with the same. Just for the fear of being tacky, you can’t ignore the real buzz. This everlasting fashion trend is a must to follow with some new twist.

    1. Get the Casual Look

    Who said glitters are for party only? You can opt that for casuals and for your day look. Play with the outfit and match it with a pair of denims or shorts. Just to balance the equation, layer the outfit with a jacket or waistcoat. You can put scarves too. Choose wisely in your own best way, the ball is in your court.

    2. Always In For Party

    Don’t try to overmatch your outfit. Just be in the simple glitter. A simple sequence or metallic sheath dress is perfect for the night owl inside you. A little hair curls, nude makeup and you as the golden queen would be the perfect thing for everyone’s eye on. It is something always infashion. 3. Bag It Out

    No slings only clutches, make this season classy and rich. If you are bored from glitter outfits, add glitter clutch to adorn the look. Box Clutches are something always in latest trends to follow.

    4. Glitter Nail Art

    Glitters all over your nails are something you will go mad for. Match those glittery, metallic nails with sequined ornamentation. If you are wearing a simple outfit with no luster, this nail art is something which adds the icing on the cake.

    5. High shine with High Heels

    For bringing out the confidence in you, wear the highest heel you can and yes with the glitters. The good thing is these heels can be worn with any outfit whether ethnic or western. So, one pair is enough to match with every outfit without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Ten must have things in your Gym Bag

    1- A Water bottle

    Water is not only basic need to fulfill your thrust, it is one of the gym essential. While working out, your body releases sweat. So, you need water to maintain the balance.

    2- A pair of Bluetooth Earbuds

    Gym without music is like a garden without flowers. Good music and good vibes are something which can make your gym interesting. Save all your favorite songs for your gym playlist and enjoy a quality time of your own.

    3- A small towel

    A towel is a must thing for gym and especially in summers when you can’t wipe your sweat with hands. Choose a small one, more absorbent, quick drying and soft towel for your gym bag.

    4- A deodorant

    You can’t underestimate the power of good smell. The workout is a sweaty concept, it comes out with a bad smell, and if you have any plans for coffee or a small brunch, it will not work out without a good deodorant. Things look good when they smell good. You will definitely find this suggestion one day as a blessing in disguise. 5- An Authoritative fitness tracker

    Doing anything is a waste, if you don’t know what you are doing. Fitness tracker is great for automatically recording your progress at the gym. Get a reliable fitness tracker of your choice. For the sake of your body and health, you should be on the ball.

    6- Lip Balm to maintain moisture

    A dry lip during gym never feels good. Lip balm is a must thing to carry not only in gym bag, but every time you go out. Apply before and after your workout to keep the lips hydrated because cracked lips are the worst one can get due to lack of care.

    7- Extra headbands and hair bands

    Who likes hairs coming on face or detangling into the equipments during workout? I guess no one. So, the only solution is keeping an extra headband and hair band in your gym bag. It looks cool too with your gym outfit.

    8- Bandages for in case

    Prevention is always better than cure! But in starting stage, small cuts were normal at the time of the workout, later it is once in a blue moon concept. Although first aid kit is there in every gym, but keep some bandages for in case you get any wound in and out of the gym.

    9- Face and body wipes

    Washing face every time you gym is an old concept and long process. If you need instant freshness, face wipes are perfect for the same. Just wipe out all the unwanted pollution from the skin in one wipe. Choose some good wipes for good vibes.

    10- A soothing ointment

    The more pain, the more gain! Exactly opposite is for workout. The more pain, the more you reduce weight. Yes an Ointment! If you are doing a rigorous workout, you need this for sure. After workout, if you suffer any sprains or strains, a soothing muscle rub or ointment will help you in settling the pain.
  • Comfort is Infashion: Replace your intolerable high fashion heels

    This is for the one who can’t concentrate in flats. Heels enhance your shape, but moreover cause ache too. Keeping in mind of its side effects, we picked some latest trends of heel other than pencil, which you can replace for a pleasant ride. This will make you look both comfortable and sexy.

    1- Cone Heels

    Imagine an ice cream cone as a heel of your shoe. Cone heel gives the exact appearance, wider above and narrower at the base. This look is a far cry from pencil heels and will not harm your foot as much as a pencil heel could do.

    2- Chunky Heels

    Chunky heels are generally of the box shape. It gives better stability and comfort to the wearer because of its square heel. Chunks are getting famous in latest fashion shows too. These heels can match with any outfit but perfect for formals and preferably for your presentation, where you don’t have options other than standing.

    3- Espadrille Heels

    Espadrille heels are made of fiber which makes them more pleasing and comfortable. These can have both heel and wedge base, made up of plaited fiber sole. The upper part of the heel is made of fabric or canvas. These qualities make them perfect for all your casual outfits and are best for fall fashion.

    4- Wedges

    Wedge heels give a base to the whole heel and allow them to touch more surface area. These are the best alternative to stilettos. Remember when you were about to fall due to your pencil heels, but don’t worry wedges will maintain balance for you this time.

    5- Cork heels

    Similar to the name, these heels are made up of the outer layer from the bark of the cork oak. These corks helps in providing less pressure on the feet as most of the pressure is absorbed by corks. Heels made out from these cork can be of any type, but are perfect for your feet.

    6- Stacked heel

    It gives the appearance of thin canvas or wood piled in a row or on the top of one another. These are best for casuals and denims. An illusion is created by these heels, which gives the look of stacked up wood or other material to create heel.
    So, at the drop of a hat, get at least two of these pairs and start your trial session. You will definitely feel the difference and comfort. Who knows if you get what you were actually looking for!

  • Five Classy Prints for men’s to try this fall

    Men’s are generally very choosy when it comes to printed shirts and they end up opting solids or checks. But this time we bought some new trends for you guys. This may solve your problem in choosing prints, which suits your style. Let me remind you, your good or bad looks totally depend on your choice of color or other outfits you are matching them with.

    1. Flora’s all over

    Don’t worry, I am not asking you to become a flower pot. All time tip to look classy with floral is just use earthy tone floral, pairing with light hues. Size and style of the flower matters a lot when comes to men, the most preferable size is in the picture. If you are perfectly sure with your fashion style, it will definitely work the way you want to.

    2. Ikat Print

    Although Ikat is a weave not print, but new trends of Ikat arise in print form too. If you are handloom lover, then pure weaved Ikat will be perfect for you. And for those who are looking for some print ideas, these Ikat print shirt will work for you. Try a subtle color combination or a decent one and match them with your denims.

    3. Contemporary Geo Print

    Pick the neutral shades only, not the colored one. This trick will maintain the manly look of yours and enhance your fashion sense. Also, the power of geometric prints should not be ignored without even a single trial. The main advantage is you can wear these prints confidently without a ladylike appearance.

    4. The Funky One

    Don’t go on words, this is not that funky in fact little formal, if you are a designer. The main idea is, you should not avoid these prints for the fear of looking funny. Always remember, size and color of the print matters a lot. If your choice is perfect, your outfit will definitely be.

    5. Play with stripes

    Men love stripes, of course. So, you don’t have to work hard, just adding a twist to your stripes will give you the best of both worlds. You will easily get stripes with motifs. Choose them, keeping your best color in mind.
    Hope you like all above and this may change your view toward prints. And I aspire, before changing your wardrobe again with solid color, you may think about this post.

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